Apple is jumping into the AR/VR glasses world with Apple Vision Pro

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Apple is jumping into the AR/VR glasses world with Apple Vision Pro

VisionPro is the official title of Apple's latest AR/VR headset, which was unveiled yesterday as part of the WWDC23 presentation. This is the company's first attempt at mixed-reality eyeglasses. At first appearance, the headset appears to be quite great. It seems to be a pair of ski goggles. As a result, it is regarded as the most opulent and sci-fi ski goggles ever seen. 

1. Apple Vision Pro Specs


 A spherical aluminum alloy body is produced from a single piece of three-dimensional shaped and laminated glass. From here, the sound bands containing the speakers, to which the headband is linked, stretch. This smart device is slightly bent to fit most faces comfortably. The main color for the whole Apple Pro Vision is a lovely silvery tint, right down to the cord protruding from the left side and the iPhone-sized battery pack at the bottom.

Exterior Specifications


The headset itself is fairly lightweight, with the majority of the device's mass and bulk coming from the fabricky shield and the large band around the back.

Optic ID

Apple Vision Pro can have personalized access by the new Optic ID after measuring the iris in lieu of Face ID or Touch ID.

Physical controls

The Apple Vision Pro additionally includes a button and a wheel (Digital Crown) on the top of the device for zooming in and out of the mixed reality. The interface will be controllable through hand gestures and vocal commands.

Outside display

The front-facing screen of the Vision Pro was gently flashing with light, showing that someone was using the headset. If someone gets closer Apple's EyeSight mode duplicates your eyes as natural as possible on an outside screen - a curved OLED display. Users can use EyeSight to check who is nearby and to show others what the user is viewing. However, it may also imply that you are right now preoccupied. There are ten external cameras that look forward, sideways, and down. TrueDepth cameras are used by two of them. Apple Pro Vision also is equipped LiDAR scanner


The built-in audio can be found in speakers on the sides of the Vision Pro's band and is meant to deliver 3D audio (Spatial audio is one of the device's main selling features) as well as multiple microphones that can be used for voice control, phone calls, FaceTime, and so on. Apple AirPods, can be connected. Individual comfort is provided by both the light blocker and the braided headband with adjustable mechanism for head fixation. Power supply: A snap-in and spinning mechanism secures the battery's braided wire, which can last up to two hours.

Interior Dimensions

Eye motions, gestures, voice control are used to have system and app operation 

Inside are the following displays

Each eye has a resolution of more than 4K. With microOLED technology, a total of 23 million pixels are to be produced. Each eye has a three-piece lens. Inside are four infrared cameras that record the user's eye movements. VisionOS SoC with M2 chip for computational processes, graphics, audio, and visionOS functions. For real-time camera and sensor data calculation, Apple Vision Pro chose R1 sensor chip 

2. Price 

The Apple Vision Pro's entry-level version costs $3.499. However, there may be additional charges, such as extra batteries, specific Zeiss glasses as a replacement for spectacles, alternative headbands, and so on. Depending on the equipment, I believe more than $5,000 will be required. Prices in euros are unknown because the device will not be accessible in Europe until the beginning of 2024. However, when it arrives in Europe, it is estimated to cost about 4,000 euros. Throughout the year, other marketplaces will be opened.

3. Apple Vision Pro Application

"Working" is one of the revolutionary device's application areas. Because appropriate options exist for interacting with others, displaying content, and altering documents, AR objects, 3D environments, and so on. The visionOS operating system is compatible with a wide range of iPad and iPhone apps, as well as an additional app store including programs designed specifically for the headset.

 You can use the headset to browse photos and videos, send messages, arrange your holiday using Safari, or using exercise software, and so on.Users can watch 2D entertainment and 3D films on their own space using Apple Vision Pro. From the start, Disney+ also is available on visionOS. The spatial audio is accomplished by the use of the built-in loudspeakers.