Samsung Electronics has developed a "hip-support robot" EX1, provides motion assistance for older adults

Steinertiene Eleonora -

Samsung Electronics has developed a "hip-support robot" EX1, provides motion assistance for older adults

EX1 is a lightweight, flexible, and user-friendly device that attaches to the user's legs and hips. It can accurately detect the user's movements and provide appropriate pulling or pushing force to assist them in walking, running, climbing stairs, sitting, standing, etc., in a more comfortable and safe manner.

Wan-hee Lee, a professor at Sahmyook University's College of Health Science and the author of a study, stated, "Using the wearable robot EX1, older adults can effectively perform simple exercises such as walking and fitness, thereby improving their quality of life." In terms of the device's effectiveness, "EX1 can increase their participation in exercise and serve as a guideline for exercising the right way."

Wearable robots, also known as exosuits, are high-tech devices attached to the human body to support or enhance their mobility. These robots can be applied in various fields such as healthcare, military, industry, sports, entertainment, and more. One of the primary goals of wearable robots is to help improve the quality of life for older adults who often face difficulties in maintaining their health and mobility.

Additionally, users can connect the EX1 to their smartphones or smartwatches to display information about the device's status, battery level, speed, distance, calorie consumption, etc.


Although the trial period lasted only four weeks, not enough time for users to develop significant muscle changes, participants showed a 6.63% reduction in the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test completion time, an average increase of 12.42% in stride length, and an impressive 21.29% increase in pushing force. Despite the robot's assistance, users even demonstrated a 1.71% reduction in waist-hip ratio.

Samsung developed the EX1 based on advanced scientific and technological research on wearable robots at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University to study balance and control of wearable robots. Samsung also applied design principles for a user-friendly experience to create products that meet users' needs and desires. This is the result of the synergy between technology and design, providing older adults with an effective and friendly solution to enhance their mobility.

As one of Samsung's latest products in the field of wearable robots, alongside other products like the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Z Flip5, and Galaxy Z Fold5, these products showcase Samsung's technological breakthroughs and innovation, offering users flexible and limitless experiences. Samsung hopes that the EX1 will be warmly welcomed by older adults worldwide and contribute to improving their health and quality of life.