Google Enhances Education Experience with New Features Integrated with AI


Google has recently announced a series of new features integrated with AI, aiming to support teachers and students in optimizing the learning and teaching process. This information was shared at the Bett Education Technology event in the UK.

One of Google's prominent features is the ability to add questions to YouTube videos as assignments on Google Classroom. Students can answer these questions during the video playback, receive instant feedback, and review the video as needed. This not only helps students master the content but also provides teachers with a detailed view of students' progress.

According to Google, the feature will be updated in the future, with artificial intelligence suggesting questions at various points in the video. Additionally, the Practice Sets feature, utilizing artificial intelligence to generate answers and suggestions, is now available in multiple languages. Teachers can also convert a Google Form into a Practice Set.


Google is also expanding the class management feature, allowing teachers to create different groups within Classroom and assign suitable tasks to each group. Moreover, they introduce the speaker spotlight feature in Slides, creating presentations with narration alongside the slides. This brings flexibility and diversity to teaching styles.

Furthermore, Google updates the eSignature feature in Google Workspace, helping teachers collect signatures for approvals or contracts. Classroom analytics are also enhanced, enabling teachers to track data such as task completion and students' score trends.

Not solely focused on the learning experience, Google also improves information accessibility by allowing text extraction from PDF files for screen readers on ChromeOS. Additionally, they add features to Google Meet, such as closed captioning in 30 languages and the ability to pin multiple hosts.

Finally, Google announces the display of 15 new Chromebook models at Bett and plans to update Chromebooks so that students can directly view upcoming assignments from the main screen.