ChatGPT can read aloud what it writes

Steinertiene Eleonora -

ChatGPT can read aloud what it writes

With the OpenAI's new Read Aloud feature, ChatGPT can vocalize what it writes, which lets users listen to the chatbot's voice when it responds to questions or generates different kinds of content. This feature not only improves the user experience, but also helps users when they are on the go. This feature is now available on iOS and Android and is being rolled out on the web.

To be able to speak what it writes, ChatGPT uses a technology called speech synthesis, or turning text into speech. Speech synthesis is a branch of artificial intelligence, with the aim of creating natural and realistic voices from text segments. There are various ways to do speech synthesis, but one of the most common ways today is using artificial neural networks.

Artificial neural networks are a kind of mathematical model, imitating the way neurons function in the human brain. Artificial neural networks can learn from data and perform different tasks, such as recognizing images, sounds, languages, etc. In speech synthesis, artificial neural networks can learn how to pronounce words, sentences, and tones from pre-recorded sound segments. Then, artificial neural networks can produce new voices from text segments that have not been recorded.


ChatGPT uses a special artificial neural network, called Transformer, to do both tasks: writing content and speaking content. Transformer is a kind of model that can handle sequential data, such as text or sound, effectively and flexibly. Transformer can learn the connections between the elements in the data, and create precise and inventive predictions.

People can tap and hold the text to open the Speak player, where they can play, pause or rewind the speaking part. With the ability to speak what it writes, ChatGPT is more than a regular AI chatbot, but also a personal virtual assistant, a teacher, a journalist, a poet, a programmer, and more. ChatGPT can assist users with solving problems, learning knowledge, creating content, and having fun in life. ChatGPT is a proof of the fast and breakthrough development of artificial intelligence, and also a chance for humans to discover and use the potential of this technology.