Buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max now or wait for the iPhone 15?

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Buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max now or wait for the iPhone 15?

Should you buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max or wait for the iPhone 15? This is the question that many users are most interested in today.

Both of these two models have their own outstanding advantages. Let's have a more detailed review of the advantages of buying the current 14 Pro Max or waiting for the iPhone 15 series to launch below.

1. Reasons to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max now

To answer the question of whether to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max or wait for the iPhone 15, first, let's go into the article to find out the reasons to buy the 14 Pro Max now.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max's price has cooled down compared to the opening sale

When a new line of iPhones comes out, it's common for the previous model to drop in price shortly after. Therefore, with the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro and its series (probably in September), it's more likely that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro will drop.

It's likely that Apple will stop making phones and stop selling phones from its own online store, but third-party retailers will likely have them in stock and want to ship them out, so now's a great time to buy a discounted iPhone 14 Pro.

You don't even have to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro, as Amazon Prime Day 2023 is expected to happen in mid-July. A significant price reduction for the iPhone 14 is unlikely, but we can completely expect a more economical price.

Stunning Dynamic Island screen design

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a groundbreaking new design that, when launched in 2022, will attract a lot of attention from users. The most outstanding breakthrough is probably the new pill-shaped punch-hole screen design that eliminates the traditional notch.

This position will be the place to house the hidden FaceID camera, selfie lens, and notification display frame of the device. The space around the front camera cluster will create a small mini screen so that users can see notifications, time, listen to music,... 

Along with the spacious 6.7-inch XDR OLED ProMotion screen with a resolution of 2796x1290px, the display image is extremely vivid and clear. Moreover, the screen is also equipped with a flexible scanning frequency from 1 to 120 Hz to serve users better than 10-12 Hz on its predecessors.

Great cameras

The camera was also one of the most impressive upgrades on the iPhone 14 Pro Max at launch. This product line has been upgraded to a 48 MP main sensor, which is 4 times more than the 12 MP camera cluster on its predecessor. With a larger sensor, the 14 Pro Max can record impressive 4K quality videos, bringing more vivid, quality, and professional images and videos.

In addition to giving 8K image quality, the 14 Pro Max's lens also supports capturing high-quality detailed images in low light conditions. Regarding the photography quality of the iPhone, which has always had a good reputation in the market, with the new 48MP upgrade, this camera cluster will surprise users even more.

Super powerful A16 Bionic chip

This iPhone 14 Pro Max is currently Apple's most powerful device, with a powerful 6-core Apple A16 Bionic chip manufactured on the 4nm process, saving battery power and increasing impressive performance. This chip is highly appreciated by many technology experts because it can perform up to 17 trillion operations in just one second. Moreover, this model is also integrated with a 6-core CPU and 6-core GPU for fast processing speed, saving battery power by up to 20%.

Strong battery life

The iPhone 14 Pro Max series has been equipped with a huge battery with a capacity increased to 4323 mAh, allowing users to experience comfortable use for 19 hours continuously. This model can fully charge from 0% to full battery in just 1 hour with built-in 20W fast charging.

2. Reasons to wait for iPhone 15 series

Next, to answer the question of whether to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max or wait for the iPhone 15, let's learn the reasons why you should wait for the 15 series to launch below.

Periscope lens with 6x optical zoom (only iPhone 15 Pro max)

If users are looking forward to the ability to zoom photos on the Apple iPhone line, they can look forward to this new upgrade on the iPhone 15. According to leaked information, this high-end phone will likely be equipped with a periscope lens along with a 6x optical zoom, which is the biggest upgrade from the 3x telephoto of its predecessor.

USB-C port

There is a lot of leaked information about this year's iPhone 15 update, which will remove the Lightning charging port and switch to USB-C entirely. Because the EU - EU has required Apple to use USB-C charging ports by the end of 2024. There is a high chance that Apple will also offer faster charging on its new Pro and Pro Max lines.

New chip A17 Bionic 3nm

Certainly, this year's high-end iPhone 15 series is still equipped with Apple's latest A17 Bionic chip. According to updated leaked information, this may be the world's first chip line completed on the advanced 3nm process with more transistors, providing superior performance than its predecessor, the A16. This A17 chip series will have 35% better energy efficiency than the A16, so the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will certainly have a better battery life than the 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Rounded design

The design of the predecessors, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, has sharp edges, so when used, they may be imprinted in the user's hand. It is possible that this year's 15 Pro and Pro Max series will be more comfortably rounded. Rumors also confirm that this year's iPhone 15 series is finished with a durable titanium alloy frame. Titanium is stronger than aluminum but lighter in weight.

Other new features

New features on the updated iPhone 15 that are prominently leaked in the market can be mentioned as follows:

The volume up and down buttons that are split in half will be merged into an extremely slim whole. It has been rumored that maybe the silent button will be changed to a button with a new design, instead of a switch.

Leaked information suggests that this year's iPhone 15 series will have an increased RAM capacity of 8GB, but the standard models may still use 6GB RAM.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models will probably be equipped with a better energy-saving LiDAR scanner than that provided by Sony. This will allow the LiDAR Scanner to improve performance at the same power consumption.