Zoom Launches VisionOS App with Amazing Features for Vision Pro


Recently, Zoom announced its new VisionOS app, designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro, the most advanced virtual reality device available. This app will offer users many unique features, including Persona support, 3D object sharing, Team Chat and more.

As Apple's first virtual reality device, Apple Vision Pro will be launched on February 2, 2024. This device uses face scanning and machine learning technology to create a spatial image of the user, allowing them to interact with the environment around them in a natural and vivid way. Vision Pro also has over 200 apps designed for it, including streaming services, games, education and many other fields.

Zoom is one of the first apps to be optimized for Vision Pro, bringing users a fresh and exciting online conference experience. Zoom will support Apple's Persona feature, allowing users to use a digital image of themselves in the call, showing their facial and hand gestures. Meeting participants will be able to see each other clearly and friendly, creating a closer and more realistic feeling.


It will also take advantage of Vision Pro's virtual reality technology, allowing users to resize and position the Zoom window, according to their physical space. Users can also pin up to five meeting participants anywhere in their environment, with the option to remove the background of those who are pinned, making users feel more connected with those in the meeting.

Another highlight feature of Zoom on Vision Pro is the ability to share 3D objects, which will be launched in the spring of this year. This feature will allow users to share 3D files in Zoom and see the objects come alive in their environment. This is a useful feature for some professions, such as media and design, when they need to share and collaborate on character models, products or projects.

In addition, the Team Chat feature allows users to easily share information and connect with colleagues. Team Chat is a feature that competes with Slack, which Zoom launched in March 2023. Vision Pro users will be able to use Team Chat in the Zoom app, to improve communication and collaboration efficiency.

Zoom said its VisionOS app will be available for download from the VisionOS App Store starting from February 2, 2024. This is an important step for Zoom in expanding its platform, meeting the needs of users in the era of virtual reality technology.