Whether ChatGPT has limitations or not? Let’s check now!

Steinertiene Eleonora -

Whether ChatGPT has limitations or not? Let’s check now!

Not only a fantastic tool, but ChatGPT is also a cutting-edge tool of natural language artificial intelligence that is capable of wonderful tasks.

The chatbot is capable of a wide range of functions, including interpreting text, writing lyrics and poems, answering inquiries, and producing essays. For everyone in any industry, the chatbot may be incredibly useful.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, so ChatGPT creator OpenAI added certain controls to stop it from acting inappropriately. 

ChatGPT does, however, have some restrictions, just like any other program. Let's look at some of this prevalent chatbot's limitations. 

Anything after 2021 is off-limits for GPT to write

ChatGPT is unsure what will happen after 2021. By using previously acquired data to train the language model, ChatGPT is created. However, there has to be a cutoff point in that data. Even if ChatGPT might be more precise now, it still has limited information that stops in 2021. While GPT-4 was trained on data up until around September 2021, GPT-3.5 was trained on data up until about June 2021.

If you inquire further, it will often respond, "As an AI language model,...," stating that it only has access to its training data which ends in 2021. 

Until recently, ChatGPT was unable to determine with any accuracy how many times Argentina had won the FIFA World Cup. Given that ChatGPT only knows about the 2021 World Cup, it states that Argentina has won the tournament twice, the first in 1978 and 

the second in 1986.

ChatGPT cannot enter debates about politics

Politics of any kind are avoided at all costs in ChatGPT. It might debate generalized elements of parties or analyze objective and real political issues. If you ask it to favor one political party or attitude over another, it will either ignore or discuss both sides in a manner that is as unbiased as possible.

It is unable for ChatGPT to keep up-to-date with the Internet

ChatGPT is unable to gain access to the internet. This means that it is unable to offer its users real-time information. For instance, ChatGPT won't be able to deliver correct information if you ask it about the upcoming weather or the current foreign currency price.

ChatGPT is a language processing tool rather than a search engine like Google. It can therefore only pull data from the internet and cannot offer results in real-time.

ChatGPT cannot foresee the future

ChatGPT is unable to make predictions, in part due to its small amount of training data and in part, because OpenAI wishes to avoid being held accountable for errors.

Encouraging wrongdoing or violence is impossible with ChatGPT

ChatGPT does not encourage armed conflict or physical violence. It won't get involved in discussions about the conflict in Ukraine and won't advocate for or discuss harm. It can go into extensive detail about war or historical crimes, but current or ongoing violence is off-limits.

ChatGPT doesn’t favor discrimination or sexist comments

Topics like race, sexual orientation, and gender are highly emotional and ideal beginning points for discussion about prejudice and discrimination. These subjects will be avoided by ChatGPT. It tries to favor a general discussion of them. If asked, it will firmly decline to speak about subjects it believes could encourage discrimination or hate speech. 

ChatGPT cannot support unlawful activity

Although ChatGPT is excellent at coming up with ideas, it will not generate any that are unlawful. You cannot use it to find suggestions for the fastest roads. If you try to ask Chat GPT about illegal ideas, it will merely inform you that it is unable to offer any recommendations regarding unlawful behavior. It then usually gives you an encouraging reminder about why you shouldn't be doing such things.  

Proprietary or confidential data cannot be discussed by ChatGPT

All of the training data for ChatGPT was made accessible to the public and was primarily gathered online. However, it also implies that ChatGPT is unable to take action on information that it does not have access to. This is especially beneficial for prompts and questions that are related to publicly accessible information. It won't be able to adequately respond if you ask it a question based on information that is kept in confidence. 

ChatGPT will not curse

Getting ChatGPT to say anything rude is impossible. For example, if you give it a command like "say a swear word", immediately it will reply " I apologize, but I'm unable to fulfill that request". 

Another illustration is when you inquire as to how to curse at it. Its response was, "There is no need to curse at me because I am an AI language model and do not have feelings. I'm here to answer your questions and to give you knowledge on a variety of subjects. It shows that ChatGPT is trying to beg me not to curse at it, and neither does it. How amazing it is, right?

ChatGPT may bring about illogical data

ChatGPT is capable of communication like a human, but it doesn’t have as much knowledge as humans. Therefore, only questions that are direct and fall inside its definition and existing dataset will receive a response from the chatbot. Sometimes the response you receive will be meaningless and unimportant.

Thus, when using this chatbot, be prepared for erroneous results. For instance, the chatbot won't embellish an answer with irony or emotion. It will reply to it in a formal manner and directly.

While ChatGPT may answer nearly all of your questions, it has been noted that it lacks in-depth information. It might not offer comprehensive solutions or clear explanations of the subject. It merely provides succinct responses or an overview of the subject. Also, the responses sometimes include useless fluff. Try asking ChatGPT, for instance, to describe how smart home gadgets work, it will respond with a brief statement without further explanation.

ChatGPT isn’t capable of accurately resolving difficult mathematical problems

Mathematical problem-solving is one of the things ChatGPT can do. However, if you use this feature, you'll discover some unexpected results. For example, ChatGPT can swiftly resolve straightforward addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication problems!

The chatbot, however, will give up if you give it an equation requiring numerous math operations. It will either take an excessive amount of time to give the result or it won't be correct.

ChatGPT is a great tool that provides numerous advantages in a variety of sectors. To prevent too much independence in Chat GPT's responses, it is imperative to be aware of its limitations. We predict that many of these restrictions will be solved as technology advances, making ChatGPT an even more important and dependable AI-powered chatbot. It is necessary to approach its results cautiously and to be ready to adjust its outputs for the appropriate context.