Threads will launch API in June

Steinertiene Eleonora -

Threads will launch API in June

Threads is a microblogging platform developed and launched by Meta (formerly Facebook) in July 2023. Since then, Threads has attracted millions of users worldwide by allowing them to share their ideas, thoughts and emotions quickly and easily. Threads also has many attractive features such as integrated camera, drafts, keyword search and trends.

However, one of the most common requests from Threads users is a public API for developers to integrate Threads with their tools and applications. For example, platforms like WordPress could benefit from an API to auto-post new content to their Threads profiles. Fortunately, this will become a reality in a few months.

A Meta engineer revealed that June is the launch date for Threads API. "In the past months, we have built Threads API to enable creators, developers and brands to manage their presence on Threads effectively and easily share fresh, new ideas with their community from their favorite third-party applications," the engineer wrote in a post.


The API will allow third-party applications to authenticate, publish and retrieve content. In the future, the API will also provide moderation and analytics functions. Meta tested the new API with some small partners, like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Techmeme, before it will be officially released in June. Also today, Techmeme shared their first post on Threads via the API. A Techmeme post that demanded an API was the driving force for the team to work on it, the engineer said.

Not only benefiting developers, but Threads API also benefits content creators, journalists, writers and others who want to increase engagement and reach with their audience on Threads. With the API, they can easily post content from different platforms, track feedback and statistics, and optimize their content strategy.

Opening up many opportunities for developers to create new applications and services based on Threads, such as analytics, management, marketing, games, education and more. Developers can also leverage the unique features of Threads, such as camera, drafts, keyword search and trends, to provide better and more differentiated user experiences.

Threads' API is an important step for this microblogging platform, as it shows Meta's commitment to the continuous development and improvement of Threads. The API is also a way for Meta to encourage and support the creativity and innovation of the Threads community, by providing them with the necessary tools and resources. We can expect that Threads API will create many interesting and attractive applications and content on Threads in the near future.