The Next Generation Sonos Roam 2 May Arrive in June

Steinertiene Eleonora -

The Next Generation Sonos Roam 2 May Arrive in June

The Sonos Roam 2, poised for a potential June release, is generating considerable excitement within the tech community. This latest iteration of the Roam series is rumored to inherit the touch-sensitive control panel from its sibling, the Era 100, marking a continuation of Sonos' sleek design and user-friendly interface. The touch-sensitive controls are expected to offer users a tactile and intuitive way to manage their music, adjusting volume, skipping tracks, and activating voice assistants with a simple touch.

In addition to hardware improvements, Sonos is reportedly developing a new app that will debut alongside the Roam 2. This app aims to enhance the user experience by simplifying device setup, streamlining music control, and providing personalized listening experiences. The integration of the app with the Roam 2 signifies Sonos' commitment to creating a cohesive ecosystem where hardware and software work in harmony.

The anticipation for the Roam 2 is further amplified by reports of Sonos venturing into the high-end headphone market. According to Mark Gurman, Sonos is set to introduce a set of premium headphones priced at $450, designed to compete with Apple's AirPods Max. These headphones are expected to offer superior sound quality, active noise cancellation, and integration with the Sonos ecosystem, making them an attractive option for audiophiles and loyal Sonos customers.

However, the headphones are reportedly facing a slight delay, with their release scheduled for June, a bit later than initially planned. This delay could be attributed to various factors, including supply chain issues or additional time needed to perfect the product. Despite this, the potential of these headphones to disrupt the market remains high, given Sonos' reputation for delivering high-quality audio products.


The launch of both the Roam 2 and the premium headphones in June is strategic, aligning with the beginning of summer, a season synonymous with travel, outdoor activities, and music. Sonos' expansion of its product line with the Roam 2 and the headphones reflects the company's understanding of modern consumers' desire for mobility and quality.

Sonos has always been a brand associated with innovation and quality, and the Roam 2 is expected to uphold this tradition. With its advanced features, the Roam 2 is not just a speaker; it's a statement of Sonos' vision for the future of personal audio. The integration of the touch-sensitive control panel and the new app are steps towards a more interactive and seamless user experience.

As June approaches, the tech world eagerly awaits confirmation of the rumors surrounding the Sonos Roam 2 and the premium headphones. If the reports hold true, Sonos will once again redefine the standards for portable audio and potentially capture a significant share of the premium headphone market. The combination of innovative design, user-centric features, and Sonos' audio expertise could make the Roam 2 and the headphones the talk of the town in the coming months.

The Sonos Roam 2 and the upcoming premium headphones represent the next chapter in Sonos' journey. With a focus on user experience, design, and quality, Sonos is set to continue its legacy of transforming the way we listen to music. Whether at home, on the go, or in the midst of a bustling city, Sonos' new offerings are poised to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. As the rumored launch date draws near, all eyes are on Sonos to unveil these exciting new products.