Samsung Galaxy Ring to launch soon - A new rival of Oura Ring


Recently, Samsung revealed its latest product at the Unpacked 2024 event: Galaxy Ring. This is the first smart ring of Samsung, designed to monitor health and use Samsung's AI. However, the specific details about the features, price and launch date of Galaxy Ring have not been disclosed yet.

Galaxy Ring is one of the products in the wearable field that is emerging in the technology space today. Other manufacturers such as Oura, Movano and Motiv have also launched smart rings with different functions. Oura Ring is a direct competitor of Galaxy Ring, as it also focuses on tracking sleep and activity of users.

Oura Ring is a smart ring with a simple and elegant design, which can be worn on any finger. It uses sensors to measure health indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen and movement. It also measures the stages and quality of sleep of users with a new algorithm based on machine learning. Oura Ring requires a monthly subscription of $5.99 to access its features and data.


Although having a similar design to Oura Ring, Galaxy Ring has more colors and styles to choose from. It also has sensors to track health and sleep, but with an additional feature of using Samsung's artificial intelligence. Samsung said Galaxy Ring will connect to Samsung Health app, providing users with daily scores on sleep, readiness and activity. It can also combine a blood oxygen meter to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO 2 ), a feature that was introduced for the latest third-generation Oura Ring. In addition, Galaxy Ring will also have functions such as medication reminders, heart rate alerts and vitality assessment of users.

Dr Matthew Wiggins from the Digital Health team at Samsung Research said: “Today, we’re taking the possibilities of Samsung Health to the next level by bringing Samsung Health’s cutting-edge innovations to a brand new form factor,” “We’ve created a powerful and accessible health and wellness device, here to change the shape of future health like only Samsung can.” Samsung will also integrate NFC for Samsung Pay and will almost certainly work well with the SmartThings ecosystem.

Galaxy Ring is a new step of Samsung in the wearable field, showing that the company is constantly innovating and creating. Galaxy Ring is also a formidable rival of Oura Ring, as it can compete in terms of design, quality and features. However, to know whether Galaxy Ring can succeed or not, we have to wait until it officially launches and receives feedback from users. Currently, Galaxy Ring is still an attractive mystery in the technology world.