Amazon integrates AI shopping assistant Rufus into its app


The world's largest e-commerce company, Amazon, has announced the integration of its AI shopping assistant Rufus into its app on both iPhone and Android. Rufus is a general-purpose AI chatbot that can answer customer questions about products quickly and accurately.

According to Amazon, Rufus uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze information from product reviews and product listings, and summarize them into concise answers. Rufus can also understand the context and natural language of customers, and provide suggestions that match their needs and preferences.

Rufus is integrated into the "Looking for specific info?" section on product pages in Amazon's app. Customers can ask questions about a specific product, such as fit, durability, thickness, color, size, material, origin, warranty, price, shipping, return, and more. Rufus will give an answer within seconds, saving customers time and enhancing their shopping experience.


Maria Boschetti, a spokesperson for Amazon, said that they are constantly integrating technology to make shopping easier and more convenient for customers. Rufus is a new feature powered by general AI to improve shopping on Amazon by helping customers get answers to common questions about products.

It is not only a shopping assistant tool, but also a virtual friend of customers. Rufus can chat with customers about various topics, such as weather, sports, music, movies, books, travel, and more. Rufus can also learn from conversations and adapt to the style and personality of customers.

This is one of the latest AI products from Amazon, after the company introduced AI-generated product review summaries, AI features for third-party sellers, and creative AI services for customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon said Rufus will be updated regularly to improve its quality and functionality. Rufus will also be expanded to more languages and markets in the future. Rufus is now available to all Amazon customers worldwide.