A New Way to Browse The Web with Arc Search

Steinertiene Eleonora -

A New Way to Browse The Web with Arc Search

The Internet is a vast and complex place, where finding what you need can be a challenge. You have to type keywords, filter through hundreds of pages of results, and hope that you will find the right information. Sometimes, you have to switch between multiple tabs, apps, and devices to get a comprehensive view. But is there a better way? A way that allows you to search the web faster, easier, and smarter. A way that adapts to your needs and preferences. A way that combines the best of browsers, search engines, and AI into a smooth experience.

That is the goal of Arc Search. Arc Search is a mobile browser designed to help you find any information you need, faster. It is not just a tool, it is a personal assistant that understands your context, intent, and preferences.

How does it work? Arc Search uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze your queries and generate the most relevant results. It does not just show you links, it shows you answers. It does not just provide you with facts, it provides you with insights. It does not just display web pages, it builds web pages for you.

For example, if you ask Arc Search "What are the best movies to watch on Netflix?", it will not just show you a list of movies, but also their ratings, genres, trailers, and reviews. You can also filter, sort, and compare the results according to your preferences. You can even watch the movies directly from the browser without leaving Arc Search.


Arc Search also lets you customize your browsing experience with features like Split View, Themes, and Spaces. Split View allows you to view two web pages at the same time, making it easier to compare information. Themes allow you to change the appearance of the browser, from dark mode to colorful gradients. Spaces allow you to organize your online activities into separate profiles, such as work, study, or hobbies.

Products like Copilot and Perplexity.AI are great, but they are essentially chatbots with web access. Arc Search imagines something completely different: an AI that explores the web by creating a new web page for you every time you ask.

It is not just a browser, it is a platform that connects you with the best of the web. It is a browser that not only meets your needs, but also predicts them. It is a browser that adjusts itself to the way you use the internet. It is a browser that gives you a more peaceful, personal, and powerful web experience.

Now Arc Search is available for iOS devices, and you can join the waitlist to get early access. If you are looking for a new way to browse the web, try Arc Search. You might be surprised by what you find.